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Fully Automated Integration

Using State of the Art Technology through our MASSESMobile Gateway enables Company’s the opportunity to utilize one of the most effective, powerful mediums to deliver their messages directly to their clients. SMS – TEXT.

Statistics everywhere support the power and efficiency of marketing Via TEXT directly to customers most trusted devices, their PHONES. Virtually everyone reads their TEXT’s within seconds making TEXT message the most direct and effective source to deliver valuable messages.

MASSESMobile provides our clients with the ability to INTEGRATE TEXT Messaging right into their marketing format through the use of our API’s. The use of our API’s allows for complete automation when it comes to triggering TEXT messages. If your Company sends e mails / Alerts / Updates / Coupons then integrate and compliment them with customized TEXT messages. Integrating with MASSESMobile will allow your systems to automatically deploy valuable TEXT messages right to your customers most trusted device, their PHONES. Any phone that can receive a TEXT message is a match for the MASSESMobile Solution. Smart phones are even better. Customers that have Smart phones can receive messages with active links embedded in the message allowing them to quickly land on your website within seconds.

To learn more about Integrating via our robust API’s please complete the form below and you will receive a return call from one of our knowledgeable consultants.
Contact MASSESMobile for a live demo! and learn more about our very affordable pricing plans.
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