Loyalty Program

Loyalty just got simple. No card, no app needed and POS independent. (Optional kiosk)  Offer a text message loyalty rewards program Track points each contact obtains Set reward for when contacts reach a milestone Allows you to see how much of your list is loyal to you Use an optional kiosk to allow check-ins

Long-Code Messaging

Add a personal touch. Send SMS using a local, standard (10-digit) phone number.  Get a number with your area code for personalization Scale using multiple long-codes per account Forward call-backs to your business phone Dedicated codes allow you to use any keyword

Custom Fields

Create custom contact fields that allow you to store any custom data fields you’d like.  Allows you to create custom contact groups specifically tailored to your business Flexibility to make the platform your own Use these fields in your messages to personalize every message you send

Post To Facebook & Twitter

Send a text campaign and automatically post the message to Facebook & Twitter all with 1-click.  Ability to post your message on Facebook and/or Twitter Grow your list by posting your campaigns to social media Gain visibility of promotions and reach a large consumer base Post to either your own Page or your Business Page

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables you to send mobile messages that include pictures, audio clips and videos, immediately grabbing your audience’s attention and emotion. Features Send pictures, audio clips or video Increased Open Rates High-Impact Messages File size limits are 2MB (2,000 KB) Increased character limit (1,500 characters)

Click-Thru Filtering

Segment your lists by only texting contacts with a specific click-thru rate. (Ex. CTR > 15%)  Allows you to interact specifically with people that are interested in your promotion Sent the parameters to see which contacts interact the most Lowers cost Targets only interested contacts

Feedback & Reviews

Reach out to customers to see if they would recommend your business and, if they say yes, request for them to leave you a five star review online. Feedback We ask: Would you recommend your experience with us? (yes or no) They can also leave feedback (optional) We store it all for you Reviews First, we ask: Would you recommend … Read More

Mobile App

Run your SMS Marketing Campaigns from your device with our brand new iOS app. Send campaigns, get push notifications for incoming texts and reply to individual contacts quickly and easily wherever you are. Send Campaigns Push Notifications for Incoming Texts Reply to Individual Contacts Works on any iOS Device Free – Requires Mobiniti Account


Easy to create, set a start/end, automatically pick and send the winner a message & allow multiple entries and winners.  Set up the entry confirmation message Allow multiple or single entries (per hour, day, week, month) Automatically selects a winner for contests and messages them Set start and end date/time Extend with drip messages or a web opt-in page to … Read More

Web Opt-In Pages

Easily design a custom web opt-in page to grow your list of subscribers by linking to, embedding to your website / Facebook Page or displaying on an in-store kiosk. These work great on in-store kiosks! Create a custom URL to link from your email campaigns & social media. Customizable: Logo, Text, Background Image, Brand Colors, Button and Confirmation message. Advanced … Read More