Social Profiles and Demographic Data

Automatically capture data on your contacts with only a mobile phone # or email address. When enabled, we capture this data for you and allow you to use it when sending a campaign to send to a targeted audience. Full Name Age Gender Email Address City, State, Zip Code, & Geocode Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Many More) Klout … Read More

Data Capture

Capture specific information about each and every one of your mobile subscribers, like email address or birth date. Birth Date – Send out birthday messages Zip Code – Creates the ability to target specific market segments Name – Personalize your messages with contact names Email Address – Sync to your email marketing software Custom – Set up a custom field … Read More

Auto Responder

Create compelling auto-responses that cause customers to react and take action. No worrying over accidentally ignoring a contact Respond with coupons or promotion immediately after opt-in Automatically take care of welcome messages Automatically send out entry verification for contests

QR Codes And Flyers

Create beautiful flyers and downloadable QR codes to use and grow your list. Downloadable QR codes Promote your groups with flyers Help grow your list with deals/terms Offer discounts within flyers sent out Create unique terms and conditions for specific flyers

Shared Short Code

Five digit, easy to remember, shared short code are included with all of our plans. Currently we offer the following shared, short codes: 64600 41400 90100 70100

Medical Services

If your service or business depends on appointments or reservations, you need to minimize missed opportunities as much as possible. After all, each missed appointment or reservation means lost revenue! Unlike annoying automated phone calling systems, Mobile Text Reminder is a non-intrusive way of saying you care and an automated way of increasing your revenue. Mobile Text Reminder pays for itself with just a … Read More

TV, Radio & Magazines

You see Mobile Keyword technology all over TV and hear it on theradio every single day. You see it advertised in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and all over billboards. There’s a reason why large corporations utilize mobile marketing – IT WORKS! People text your custom Mobile Keyword to 64600 (MASSESMobile‘s short code) to join your mobile VIP list. Then an … Read More

Real Estate Agents

It’s happened to every home buyer. They see a For Sale sign with the agent’s number. They want more info but no one picks up the phone and the flyer box is empty. Another potential lead lost…You’ve seen the same technology on American Idol or heard it on the radio. Home buyers can text your keyword to 64600 to receive … Read More


Simultaneous MOBILE TEXT, IM, and EMAIL alerts ensure important messages are read in time – far beyond mobile text alone. When it comes to safety, you can’t be too sure. MASSESMobile is the easiest and most effective way to contact students using high-impact communications. We can custom fit any plan to fit your school’s needs, whether you’re an elementary school, junior/senior high school, or college university.

Marketing & Ad Agencies

email, and businesses who sell to that audiencecan leverage the latest in new media to accelerate business growth.Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social Networks, Blogs MASSESMobile’s All-In-One Message Service integrates them ALL. MASSESMobile goes far beyond traditional email and mobile marketing with its unique patented technology that empowers you with the latest in communications, online publishing, and social media. For the same price … Read More